Forms for Big Sandy Area Schools



School Year 2020/2021 BSHC Online Form Links
Attention Parents or Guardians:  If you fill out the Medical, Dental or Behavioral Health online Consent forms for your child/children, you are REQUIRED to complete the Medical/Dental History and HIPAA Acknowledgement online forms.  If you have any questions pertaining to these forms, please call our central office at 606.886.8546, press 0 and ask for assistance with online school forms.  Thank you for choosing us to care for your children!
Floyd County Schools
DACE, Floyd Central High School and South Floyd/Floyd County Schools Medical Consent
All/Floyd County Schools Dental Consent
All/Floyd County Schools Medical and Dental History
All/Floyd County Schools HIPAA Acknowledgement
Johnson County Schools
WR Castle & Middle School/Johnson County Schools Medical Consent
All/Johnson County Schools Dental Consent  
All/Johnson County Schools Medical and Dental History
All/Johnson County Schools HIPAA Acknowledgement
Martin County Schools
All/Martin County Schools Medical Consent  
All/Martin County Schools Dental Consent  
All/Martin County Schools Behavioral Health Consent 
All/Martin County Schools Medical and Dental History
All/Martin County Schools HIPAA Acknowledgement
Paintsville Independent
Paintsville High School/Paintsville Ind. Medical Consent 
Paintsville Elementary/Paintsville Ind. Dental Consent 
Paintsville High School/Paintsville Ind. Dental Consent
All/Paintsville Ind. Medical and Dental History
All/Paintsville Ind. HIPAA Acknowledgement
Sure Foundation Christian Academy
Sure Foundation Christian Academy Dental Consent
Sure Foundation Christian Academy Medical and Dental History
Sure Foundation Christian Academy HIPAA Acknowledgementy