Forms for Big Sandy Area Schools



School Year 2020/2021 BSHC Online Form Links
Attention Parents or Guardians:  If you fill out the Medical, Dental or Behavioral Health online Consent forms for your child/children, you are REQUIRED to complete the Medical/Dental History and HIPAA Acknowledgement online forms.  If you have any questions pertaining to these forms, please call our central office at 606.886.8546, press 0 and ask for assistance with online school forms.  Thank you for choosing us to care for your children!
Floyd County Schools
Floyd County Schools Medical and Dental History: Step 1: 
Floyd County Schools HIPAA Acknowledgement: Step 2:   
Floyd County Medical Consent: Step 3: 
Floyd County Schools Dental Consent: Step 4: 
Johnson County Schools
Johnson County Schools Medical Consent
Johnson County Schools Dental Consent  
Johnson County Schools Medical and Dental History
Johnson County Schools HIPAA Acknowledgement
Martin County Schools
Martin County Schools Medical Consent  
Martin County Schools Dental Consent  
Martin County Schools Behavioral Health Consent 
Martin County Schools Medical and Dental History
Martin County Schools HIPAA Acknowledgement
Paintsville Independent
Paintsville High School/Paintsville Ind. Medical Consent 
Paintsville Elementary/Paintsville Ind. Dental Consent 
Paintsville High School/Paintsville Ind. Dental Consent
All/Paintsville Ind. Medical and Dental History
All/Paintsville Ind. HIPAA Acknowledgement
Sure Foundation Christian Academy
Sure Foundation Christian Academy Dental Consent
Sure Foundation Christian Academy Medical and Dental History
Sure Foundation Christian Academy HIPAA Acknowledgementy