Eula Hall Story

Eula Hall Story

For nearly all of her life, Eula Hall has devoted her time to addressing the health care needs of her local community.  In 1973, with a $1,400 donation and the commitment of two local physicians, Eula opened the doors to the Mud Creek Clinic in Grethel, Kentucky. The clinic served all those who needed it, regardless of their ability to pay.  In 1977, the clinic joined forces with Big Sandy Health Care, Inc. (BSHC), a nonprofit organization, in order to reach more people and provide more services to the community.

When the original Mud Creek Clinic burned down in 1982, Eula moved the clinic into her own home. With her usual tenacity and perseverance, she matched $80,000 in funds from the Appalachian Regional Commission and raised an additional $40,000 within her community to rebuild the clinic and to purchase new x-ray equipment.

On January 24, 2011, the Board of Directors of Big Sandy Health Care, Inc., the parent company of Mud Creek Clinic, voted to honor Ms. Eula Hall’s dedication and years of service to the Grethel, Kentucky community by changing the name of Mud Creek Clinic to the “Eula Hall Health Center.”

Today, Eula Hall Health Center has state-of-the-art equipment, a moderate complexity laboratory, digital x-ray equipment and modern, technologically-advanced computer information systems, including electronic medical records.  In addition, the clinic operates a vision center and a full-service dental clinic.  Mud Creek Dental Clinic’s outreach team provides oral health services to students and staff in a number of schools.  Mud Creek Clinic Pharmacy purchases discounted medications through a federal program known as the “340B Drug Pricing Program”, which is designed to provide patients with access to highly-discounted prescription drugs. FDA-approved prescription medications are part of the program.

Eula Hall Health Center has a charity program for uninsured patients that allows for sliding-fee-scale adjustments for any patient who receives health care services and whose household financial resources and/or income is at the Federal Poverty Level or falls below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.  The clinic offers a corresponding schedule of sliding-fee discounts that are applied to charges for patients with annual incomes between 100% and 200% of the poverty income guidelines.  Eula Hall Health Center charges a “nominal fee” for patients whose annual incomes are below the Federal Poverty Level.

Eula Hall has received numerous awards for her advocacy work, including honorary doctoral degrees from Berea College, Midway College and Pikeville College, all in Kentucky, and Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. In 2004, the Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center presented Ms. Hall with its annual David S. Schuller Spirit of AMERC Award.  In 2006, the Kentucky General Assembly passed a resolution renaming Kentucky Highway 979 – the road that runs through Mud Creek – “Eula Hall Highway” in her honor.  In October 2010, Ms. Hall was inducted into the University of Kentucky’s College of Public Health Hall of Fame. 

Ms. Hall has received personal letters from President George H.W. Bush, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers, among other notables, recognizing her amazing work, on-going efforts and dedication to the health and well-being of the residents of southeastern Kentucky.