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William Connelly, LCSW

Mental Health

Big Sandy Health Care Inc. follows an integrated care model. This means that every attempt is made to treat the whole person. Oftentimes, physical problems will impact on a person’s attitude, mood, thoughts and behavior. Also, if a person is struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma or an addiction, the person may develop a number of physical symptoms that affect their sleep, energy level, appetite, ability to focus, concentrate and remember and their desire to do things.

Big Sandy Health Care Inc. provides counseling and therapy to people of all ages including: child, adolescent, young adult, adult and senior adults. The therapists work conjointly with our medical providers to help provide a high quality of care to our patients. Many studies have indicated that the combination of counseling and medication is the best approach to helping people with anxiety and depression.

Our therapists assist people in coping better with the stressors of daily living. Oftentimes, high levels of stress in a person’s life, worsens their overall health and functioning.


Big Sandy Health Care's current Behavioral Health Therapists are licensed professionals, each with decades of clinical experience.

To set up an appointment for services today, you can contact any of our health centers.

William Connelly, LCSW is at our Eula Hall Health Center and Shelby Valley Clinic.

Kimberly Davis, LCSW is at our Hope Clinic, Martin County Clinic and Physicians For Women’s Clinic.

Teresa O'brien-Conley, LCSW is at our Shelby Valley Clinic and Eula Hall Health Center.

Cheryl Combs-Walker, LCSW is at our Shelby Valley Clinic and Martin County Community Health Center.


We look forward to serving you.

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