Hope Family Medical Center

Q1 2013 Patient Satisfaction

Patient Centered Medical Home


Your health and wellness are top priority in our office. In order to provide the best care, we all need to work together as a team. We will work with you to manage your healthcare needs.

Working with you as a team, we want to be YOUR

“Patient Centered Medical Home”.


As your “Medical Home” we will:

· Take care of your short term illness and long term chronic diseases.

· Discuss goals and ways you would like to improve your health.

· Listen to you and address your concerns.

· Help you to stay healthy by giving you access to information.

· Promptly respond to your calls, questions, and concerns.

· Be available after hours for your urgent concerns.

· Provide comprehensive care using evidence based guidelines to assist us in managing your care.

· Self- Management: Provide you with support and resources so that you can better manage your health.

· Coordinate your care with specialty doctors as needed

As your “Medical Home” we trust you to:

· Follow the care plan as agreed upon to the best of your ability.

· Provide us with your complete medical, surgical and social history and give us updates.

· Tell us about all medications and vitamins/supplements you are taking.

· Let us know when you see other health care providers, have emergency rooms visits or if you have been hospitalized. We will ask that a record of your care be sent to our office.

· Keep your appointments or call to reschedule/cancel.

· Use after hours contact information for issues that can't wait until the next work day.

· If possible, call our office (during or after hours) before you go to the Emergency Room for non-emergency problems. We know your history and can help manage your care.

· Give us feedback to help us improve our services.

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